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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ten day and nothing to show for it

How do people post to these things everyday and still have normal lives. Maybe IM lazy or maybe IM......No I think that might be it. What I been doing, not much. My life has not been my own since the 15th when I picked up Grandia 3. Now, I have all the grandia games and love them all, But the first one most of all. Maybe I'm blinded by my love of grandia but I think the games is amazing! Love the battle system, the characters, the moves, the animations....I could go on. Well, I cant really.......CAUSE MY PEOPLE WILL BE GODS! Let me explain for those who don't know. When I play RPG's I like my people to be strong...real strong! Sometime I only level up to 10 or 20 before moving on. but, if in any fight before I reach those levels, my people die......30 or more! Right now in grandia 3 I'm still in the first area leveling up and maxing out all my peoples moves. It'll be another week before I move on. Now, some people might not understand that. One man out there does, he knows who he is.

Only other thing to mention is about a lady I been talking to. We've been friends a while, she really cool and has a great laugh. We hangout out ever now and then. No relationship in the future, we both decide on that from the get-go. Just get together every now and then to have fun. Nothing more to say cause I'm not sure I want to.

On a different note of fun, I was at steve's house with chris playing munchkin saturday. Oh, what a time we had. Chris won the first time, which set up things to come. I won the second time, albeit a bit cocky when I did. Chris gives me a hi five and says"welcome to the winners club" Then after a few seconds, I go to high five steve and say" Here steve....oh wait, you didn't win". He gave me such a look and chris proceed to fall over laughing with me following suit. Now, I didn't do that to be mean to steve. No, I did it because he's a loser......No that not it either. I did it because he's my friend. That what it means to be a friend, you got to give your friends shit ever now and then. He's done the same to me, masterfully sometimes. Like I told this girl at work, I only give my friends shit. If I don't give ya shit, it means I don't like ya. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some leveling up to do................................SPOON!


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