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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I'm getting as bad as Steve with updating. I was talking with the lady that delivers mail to my job, her names Stacy. She said her mom was calling her on her birthday or that Saturday after. Her mom was asking what Stacy was doing for her birthday and if the kinds were coming over. She got home and asked her husband what they were doing. He said he wanted to see what she wanted to do. Being that he's a good cook, he made reservation at the Texas roadhouse. They waited half an hour with kids in tow and whining. After a while, they left and went to hosses. Which she doesn't like, but went anyway. She didn't have a very good birthday. She said her husband isn't very romantic. I told her how I'd do it. Turn off all the lights and have candles lit. Have a single rose in vases leading the way to the kitchen. Handmade dinner, then slow dancing with romantic music. A hot bath for her, then a back and foot rub. She liked the idea seeing as she had a hard day Saturday, said the bath and rub would have been great.

I say that to bring you back to the point I want to make: How the hell can you not be romantic! How can you not plan something like that and not just for valentines day or her birthday. Pull it out ever now and then. Now you ask, have I done this. Well.....Not yet. For one, cant cook all that well and most of the time I had no money(no candles). But, I would. The flowers and gifts for no other reason then because I wanted to and I thought she'd like it. There was one time were I was stupid with a gift, that all that shall be said about that. Another line of thought that came for this is why I'm single? Aside of not looking very hard for a girlfriend, I'm not sure I understand. Not to beat a dead....Anything. But,(Whack) I don't understand how assholes and prick who think there thugs have women throwing themselves at them like bad guy at the hero of a kung fu movie. Wow, think I ranted a bit.....Time for a shower!


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