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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New year, Same Joe

Well, here we are. In a new year full of new hopes & new dreams. Yeah,right! I new years eve and day were the same as the always are. Watch TV and played games new years eve. Woke up new years day to play games and watch the annual twilight zone marathon. The good stuff with rod sterling. Never miss it,every year I've watched it. What's gonna be different in 2006? Don't know, most likely nothing. I'll still do the opposite out what I should do. Still keep myself lock away when I should be out and still lack the courage to act or say the things I want to say. Not matter how many time I try to change, I never do. They say a leopard cant change it's spots. Well, I must be special. I have no spots.


  • At Sun Jan 01, 08:55:00 PM, Anonymous ~Lady Saissis said…

    But a leopard's spots are all unique, even if one can't truly see them. Have you ever pondered that mayhaps your spots are hidden from the world? Only you can find where it is you've placed them.
    Then you can work at changing them.


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