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Friday, January 20, 2006

Dense or Dude she was totally hitting on you

I may get on certain people about blowing things with certain women concerning backrubs. But, I too am very dense, more so now,when I'm being hit on or flirted with. Case in point my first girlfriend Virginia. I was interested in her friend who later became my third girlfriend, but that a different story. Point is, she was throwing interest my way like Bruce lee threw punches & kicks. With quiet strength and accuracy. I was completely in the dark. I remember the precise moment, which now I'd be screaming"She wants you,are you god damn blind!", if it were someone else. We were in the cafeteria eating, well I was eating she was sitting to the left of me. She moved closer till her leg was touching mine, rubbing agaisnt it a bit. I looked up at her, she was smiling her wonderful smile and looking right into my eyes. I tell you good people, and Chris, I got nothing...NOTHING! It didn't register that maybe, just maybe, she was into me. Now, I maybe be the same way, mostly I think because I not really looking or that I still lack the move to act. It almost has to be shoved in my face, "I LIKE YOU....BAKA!" For those who don't know,baka is Japanese for idiot. Working on not being so dense, but I don't think I'll be able to fix it anytime soon. So, ladies if your interested, do call me just to ask how I'm doing or stop by cause you were in the neighborhood when I know you leave in another city 30 miles away. Nope, just write "I want you to be my man" on a brick and hit me square in the face! Once I come to and the bleeding stops, giving that I remember who you are.......Might be a few weeks after I'll sit at home one night and go"hmmmm, maybe she's got a thing for me.


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