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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Being into anime and most things Japanese, I go to cons from time to time. I always see people with more talent then I dressed up in costumes. I wanted to myself for sometime, but I just don't have the skill. But, I feel I can make a start. It's a new year so I'm gonna try and go for it. I been thinking a while on who I wanna be. Donovan for darkstalkers being one. He's kinda bad-ass, has a big....BIG sword and the self loathing thing that I can pull off if I tried a bit. Only thing for that, need to get into shape. He's got some abs and well I don't. Gotta work on that. Just last night after playing the first grandia game again, I was thinking of the character rapp from that.
It doesn't look that hard, so I might give it a try. A friend of mine did feena from the same game, A very rocking feena I must say. She has a sword she made and said if I pull the costume together, she'd let me borrow it. I kinda gotta do a little work first, in my arms. I mean, rapp's not buffed. but, I'd like to put a little definition in them. Last one I'll mention is renamon from digimon tamers or digimon season three here in the states. Now, I know what your thinking. "But Joe, your too sexy to play a female character!" I know this friends, but it must be done.


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