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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My first Winter

I've celebrated a few milestones this year. First apartment, first digital camera, also made some emotional progress. Here is a picture of my newest one, My first Winter. Got up and dressed for work knowing it had snowed. Went out to clean my car off when it hit me, this was my first Christmas/winter on my own. So I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. This is the front of my apartment block. Great thing about complex, they shoveled and salted it while I slept.

Next, we have a picture of my car. Who I lovingly call Blaze. Just finished cleaning her off. Only reason I think I named her is I like to think of her as a Transformer. I'd have a wrist communicator I'd use to call it from inside to tell it to heat up the cab or to come to the door at work if it's cold so I don't have to walk. You my think I'm weird but I know you thinking that's sounds pretty sweet. Anyway, on with the show.

Last for the show, a picture outback of my apartment. Really, it's to the side of it. But, it looks them same. kinda filled me with something when I saw it. Guess it's because I'm finally starting a life of my own in my own place. Soon, after some fixing, I'll feel more better. Don't think more alive is what I want to say, but it seems to fit. Short post I know, hope the picture make up for it. Later


  • At Wed Dec 07, 06:00:00 AM, Blogger Luminazuma said…

    Doood, nice pictures! I think you needed to set your camera to Night mode, though. . .

    . . .and how about some pictures of the interior? Hee hee hee


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