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Monday, November 21, 2005

Life and cons

As I sit here listening to music I think of the week past. Not much went on except I went to a anime con, animeusa. It rocked so much. Saw some good anime and sweet live action stuff. Drank a little, not as much as before, story for another time. Saw my friends stacy in her fuu outfit(rock) and anna in her umi outfit( also rock). Plus, patty in her sailor pluto outfit which for lack of better words she look freaking hot in. Doudt she reads this, but is she does, you were hot patty just deal with it. Went to a concert there from a J-Pop band called move. Never knew who they were before then. It was an asoumes time until some punk asses decided it was time to mosh too close to me. Almost had to beat some wannabe-puck preppie ass until security told them to knock that shit of and me to leave them alone. Didn't go to the hot tub this year. bought a speedo but decided not to bring it. Depending on who was there, didn't think I'd feel comfortable infront of them. Something I just found out right now, there a lot of water leaking down from the apartment above me and soaking into the carpet in my bed room. I'm not really happy right now. Think I grew up a little at this con to which is always a good think. I understand a little bit more about what I like about certain women and what I'm looking for in a woman. Still have a long way to go, but one step at a time. Now, I have to go find my pants. Wish I had a butler


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