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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


They saw that eyes are the windows of the soul. I wondered today what dreams are? Cause, let me tell ya, mine get really fucked up sometimes. There not all bad, some are nice. Had one dream a few days back about my friend Stacy. Nice woman I happen to fancy. Doesn't see me as boyfriend material, which is cool with me. I dig just being her friend, not that I wouldn't like to please her with my finger-tip tactics & tongue gymnastics. I know she reads this or so she tells me, but I said you well have the truth. It wasn't all that sexual till the end. We drove around, went to a movie then out for candle lit dinner. After that is were the "magic" happened. No details for I are bashful. It was just kinda surreal.

Had one recently about my friend Bobbie. Again nothing to bad, was more like a samurai action film. I remember running thru a forest cutting dude down like bamboo stalks. Blood flying everywhere and stained my armor. There was some castle I was breaking into. She was there being held by some evil samurai dude. Made short work of him and whisk the Bobbie away for the loving. Most of my dream don't make any sense, like anyone's does. But, sometimes I just wonder way the shit my brain see when I sleep is in there. Like one dream I had had my friend Steve in it. he was married to some woman for India named "ishtara lennshin". People, I cant even make shit like this up, why the fuck that name came together I'll never know. If eyes are the windows to the soul, maybe dreams are the gateway to the mind. If some, they should key up my mind and throw away the lock!


  • At Tue Dec 06, 11:14:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Woooo. interesting dreams there Joe.
    My dreams can be pretty wired and weird too. But sometimes they mean things as well. Love,
    Jetta *hug*


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