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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Been a while

Know it's been a week since I post but, not much has happened. Plus, been tired and playing games when I should have posted. I always give Steve hell for not posting. I blame dark cloud 2. So, what's been happening? As you know, Hannah come back for 13 days as I was corrected. It was good for her. We hung out, talked, got ice cream and played some games. Was great seeing her in person again. Had my Japanese class lunch Saturday, it rocked! Good food, good company. Getting my chop stick using down, kinda. Other then that, not much is happening. Should have more to write for seven days non-posting. My life's not that exciting anymore. I was talking with a friend at work. About drinking, partying and me being a whore(I'll explain later). Think I'm all partied out and I'm only 25. Did too much partying between 14 and 19. Don't know how many more year I got in me, think I'm gonna slow down. Now, if you don't mind, Gonna grab me a glass a of wine and watch sailor moon till I puke


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