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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why do people like me?

As the title states, it's something I wonder about sometimes. People at work got me stuff for my apartment. Cups, plates, towels the whole nine. Two of the ladies even helped me clean my place up a bit and organize the stuff. A day ago people ordered pizza. One girl asked me, told her I didn't have any paper money on me. Told me I'm already paid for. Not sure who it, but it was nice of them. I appreciate it a lot. I'd do the same for them. I just don't understand sometimes. I don't really do anything, I'm just me. One Woman said I'm easy to talk to and laid back. This is true, Not sure what it is. That's about all my brain has at the moment, have fun all. oh, one quick thing. I fixed something I didn't know I messed up. So, now all can post to my blog. I'm ready to be made fun of Steve


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