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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ren-fair & Evil Thoughts

Just got back for the ren-fair, ye gods was it sweet. Lots of good food,strong drinks and cool sites. One of the things I spent most of my time watching was a very cool comedy music troupe called the Tartan terrors. Good stuff, listening to the cd of there's I got right now. I suggest you got to there site: . Buy some of there music, you'll love it. Plus, some of the money from the sales goes to breast cancer research and prevention, which is a very noble cause. I had a lot of fun, saw an archery demo and really wanted to take it up again. A few funny quotes came from the trip which sadly I cant recall.

Some thing happened from saturday that must be shared. I play video games, maybe a little to much. I was over my friend house, we'll call him "steve". I was showing him bujingai which is a rocking games. I was running around this level killing things and getting lost. kept saying" I'd kill for a map right now". Then after about 10mins of running around, I pressed L2 and got a map. We laughed a lot. Another thing that came up was my friend hannah coming home to visit. This person, who were calling steve, ask me a question. He said and he'll tell me if I'm wrong"Ok, don't read anything into this, should I just not call you the whole week time that Hannah here"? I said what the hells that suppose to mean? He then said" see, your reading into it". As I took, he was implying thing were going to happen. I told him" you know she has a boyfriend?". He said that We have a "History" and it would take a hell of a boyfriend to negate a whole lot of "History". What followed was a series of statement from me saying that she's not that kind of person. She'd never do anything like that. But then, he just had to put the"Evil" in my head. Mention a certain act that I shall not repeat. Now, remember that part when I said I wouldn't lie. well, here it is, I mentally fought thought about that act. No jokes meant by saying it, it was a hell of a fight in my head. Which lead me to think, with his"history" swell in there, that even if she did(which I will make very clear she would not)I told him I would not go along with it. That she has a guy she really cares about and I'm not about to mess that up in anyway. You may say" as much history as you say you two have, you wouldn't do anything?". Think what you want, but I'm sure those who know me know my answer. Later days!


  • At Tue Oct 25, 09:06:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yes, it was a great fun time there!

    I"m glad you had a good time.



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