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Friday, October 14, 2005

Jersey & Road Pirates

As you read the post I.....Post? You'll start to think I my not be normal. Your right, I'm not. I mean, the stuff I think up just are not right. Like this past weekend I went to an anime con in jersey. Now, for the record, let it be know I hate jersey! If you live in jersey, I'm sorry. If you don't think jersey sucks, then you need more help then Zelda needs saving. Plus, your not a motorhead fan most likely(oh my fucking lieagh!).

Anyway, on the way down I said some things. One of the things that stuck was road pirates. I know what your thinking, Joe wasn't mel gibson in that. The answer that road warrior and that's different. My friend chris(which this is the only time I'll mention that he's my friend. Don't want him to think I like him) said we should get a van for con trips. I liked the idea. My other friend Steve( who I in secret say is my friend, not ready to come out yet) saw a tire or hub cap on the side of the road. Asked if we wanted to pick it up, thought not today trying to cut back. but, then the idea took shape. I thought we should get a harpoon for the top of the van. ya know, in case there's a sofa or recliner on the side of the road, I could real it in. The words I used, which steve liked, was that I'd "Man that Bitch!". Another thing you'll learn from my blog, is a new way to speak English. Nouns, verbs....glagh, they mean nothing. I say, anything can be a verb/noun or adjective. I just happen to make "man" the verb. Anyway, I went of on this whole tangent about a van shaped like a pirate ship. the steering wheel would be shaped like the wheel on a ship. We'd sail up to port at denny's and weight anchor.

More things were said but, think I'm done for know. My yer get a good wind under ya wheels!


  • At Mon Oct 31, 08:03:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey where is the love >_< when do i get mentioned as a friend you are ashamed of?


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