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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Do clothes make the man?

Quick post before bed about dressing. I've had a talk with a girl at work about me finding a girl. Been told that a woman likes a man who's well dressed. Well, what's well dressed? I don't wear Armani suit, but I don't look like I crawled out of a dumpster either. I have my on still of dress, as most people do. If I like it, I wear it bottom line. Now, so women might not like motorhead shirts or Dark street pants, but I'm sure some do. Plus, I'm sure there are women out there who would like me no matter how I dressed, within reason. Not matter how good looking or a good person you may be. If you wear a diaper, a trench coat and a Dr. seuss hat, you might not be all the appealing. Then again, they may be some woman dream man. My clothes are part of who I am. I wear what I like, take it or leave it. Get to know me, not my clothes.


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